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Ray Marler is a candidate for Henry County Probate Judge. With over 16 years of experience serving the City of Headland, Marler is the most experienced candidate. With his extensive experience in government, Marler knows how to find effective solutions and navigate through complicated governmental agencies to get things done.


Completion of the City of Headland’s Comprehensive Plan;  North lagoon sludge removal project, the first in 40 years; Refurbishment of the water tank near the old National Guard Armory and Roberts Street; Downtown Streetscape sidewalk project; ADA Compliant Sidewalk and Connectors Project making it easier to access downtown and many other areas in the city; Paving of Main Street with bike lanes;  $450,000 Water System improvements along portions of Boynton Street, Mitchell Street, Hollon Street, Brattle Street and Adams Drive; implementing of a $175,000 Safe Route to School project;
paving of Railroad Street and Patterson Alley; Privatization of the residential and small commercial garbage collection, saving the city around $200,000 while providing customers with brand new 95-gallon containers; a sewer extension at Todd Farms; Resurfacing Braden Street, Carlock Street, First Family Drive, Myrtle Street, Sparks Street, Cable Street and Holman Drive; Sewer Improvements to Myrick Street and Peachtree Street including replacing the north lift station and north sewer collection outfall line that serves almost half of the city; Upgrading water meters citywide to a radio read meter; Took quick action to give citizens results from the 10 cent gas tax implemented by resurfacing E. Church Street, Mitchell Street, Cleveland Street, Sparks Street and Carr Circle.
The purchase of two new fire trucks and a brush truck for the Headland Fire Department without financing; purchase of a new ambulance in 2019 and 2022; Purchase of a Polaris Ranger making providing Emergency Medical Services more convenient at public events; $53,240 energy grant for the Police Department; renovations to the kennels for CHARM and animal control.
Improvements to Douglas Park, including building a pavilion, tops on dugouts and reworking ball fields; improvements in the amount of $100,000 for Douglas Park to include tennis courts, basketball courts, batting cages, and new playground equipment. Construction of a .6 mile walking trail was recently completed with help of State Grant Funds.
Complete interior renovation in 2022; Energy Conservation Grant.  Current efforts are being made to add a Story Walk at Douglas Park.
Senior Center
Paving of the Burdeshaw-Solomon Senior Center parking lot along with a complete roof replacement and purchase of a new van.
Resurfacing the Industrial access road at the Headland Municipal Airport; improved runway markings at the Headland Municipal Airport; implementation of a fuel system for the Headland Municipal Airport; installation of a Jet A Fuel Tank at the Headland Municipal Airport; installation of an Automated Weather Observing System.
Marler has recently facilitated the close out of  a $450,000 Housing Rehabilitation Grant that helped 20 citizens improve their homes.  Another Housing Grant is currently in application status.
Under Marler’s leadership, the City of Headland’s net position has increased over $4.6 million with a revenue increase of 97% within the last 10 years. Marler also executed numerous refinancing and consolidations of bond issues to save money and increased the City’s bond rating from BBB to an A.
Marler understands the importance of a strong and vibrant business community. He will work to attract new businesses to Henry County and support the growth of existing businesses, creating more job opportunities for residents.

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